HKRU will host four Teacher Coaching Seminars, including 2 introductory coaching seminars and 2 advanced coaching seminars for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year. Please click here for details of the programme and sign up.

We also have a range of videos demonstrating skills and drills for teachers who are interested in knowing more about touch rugby. Click here to watch more.

We are grateful to tell, since the programme started in 2017, 30% of local HK primary schools now have an HSBC Try Rugby Programme certified teacher. Check here to see if your school is already on the list.

Yes! The Programme is completely free to both schools and teachers. It aims to educate all PE teachers studying at The Education University of Hong Kong. Every teacher-in-training will gain access to additional teaching resources from the e-learning platform and will attend at least one coaching seminar during their course.

For parents, you can access the content on the e-learning platform for free to give rugby a try with your children (and their friends)!

The HSBC Try Rugby Programme only involves “Touch Rugby”, a non-contact variation of the sport, in which players do not tackle each other but merely tag one another. Try Rugby is an introduction to the sport as children can learn the basic and necessary skills of rugby while having fun.

Definitely! Women currently constitute 28% of overall rugby players in Hong Kong and there has been a rise of female participation in recent years. More and more young girls are getting into rugby, showing that Hong Kong boasts a new generation of rising stars.

You can play rugby anywhere! You simply need a space and a rugby ball and you’re good to go! The introduction of touch rugby enables children to learn various aspects of rugby skills, which can be played and practiced in different indoor and outdoor settings – from school gymnasium, public playgrounds, parks, or even a harbourfront promenade.

The HSBC Try Rugby Programme also provides each participating PE teacher a Try Rugby Starter Pack which consists of balls, pump, bibs, cones, and a whistle. Teachers and their respective schools will be equipped with the right tools and teaching resources to help more kids start playing rugby today.

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