What is HSBC Try Rugby?

HSBC Try Rugby is fun and a fit for all. It is played under the form of Touch Rugby, with no tackles or kicking allowed, the fast-paced sport is great for fitness but easy to learn and inclusive. It also encourages the key values we want our children to embrace, such as teamwork, respect, and discipline.

What is Touch Rugby?

Touch, also known as Touch Football or Touch Rugby around the world, is a thrilling sport that welcomes all abilities and genders.

With no tackles and minimal-force touches in place, touch rugby is not only fast-paced but is also probably one the most inclusive sport, allowing girls, boys, women, and men to enjoy together and play against each other, with our Mixed competitions making Touch very popular for every age category.

Seminars for Teachers

The introductory Coaching Seminars provide a broad introduction to touch rugby. Teachers who have completed the Teacher Introductory Coaching Seminar will receive a Try Rugby resources pack from HSBC. This pack will equip a teacher with the tools (including coloured bibs, rugby balls, coloured cones, pump, and ball bag) to deliver a touch rugby PE lesson.

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How to Join

If you are a parent, check out HSBC’s Try Rugby Programme video series with local celebrity Kay Ho that is fun for the whole family here. You can also find out here if your children’s school is already participating in the HSBC Try Rugby programme or suggest them to add rugby in PE classes!

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How To Play?

Touch provides an excellent introduction to the sport – it is simple, and a lot of fun! Touch has several differences from contact rugby. Check out this short video for all you need to know when you take on the field the first time.

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